Data Acquisition

EVEREST GEOPHYSICS’s field crews continuously seek to address the strictest demands and to achieve the targets of our projects. We are increasingly relying on high resolution geophysical methods to provide accurate and efficient imaging of subsurface targets. In comparison with traditional sampling procedures, geophysical methods are especially well suited for this application because they minimize time, risks and cost factors, yet maximize the amount of data, information and knowledge obtained. 

To obtain meaningful geophysical information, our specialists in the field must overcome a variety of challenges related to site access, permitting, efficient data acquisition and quality control. 

Quality control includes a variety of subprocesses along the overall path to solution. Some of these include analyses of data measurement error, noise, interference, processing biases, model assumptions, interpreter prejudices, and much more. These require development of procedures and methods to test data, determine errors, recognize and identify sources of noise and interferences, check for and resolve inconsistencies between datasets, test processing, and so forth. Quality control also includes consequences of constraints such as site access limitations, risk, hazards and safety requirements, conflicts and compromises, available resources (including people, equipment, and funding), and other issues (regulatory, litigation, proprietary, security, liability, insurance, training, licenses, customs, etc.).


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