In the oil and industry, mining, environmental, engineering and construction industries, it is vitally important to obtain information about the subsurface. Unexpected surprises such sharp geology variations, unknown hazards, or underground water can prove disastrous to a carefully planned project. 

Whether it is a large sedimentary basin, the initial reconnaissance of a site prior to drilling or the scanning of a man-made construction, the geophysicists of EVEREST GEOPHYSICS can provide you with non-destructive, in-situ images beneath your site or structure. 

Using geophysical methods such as seismic surveys (passive or active), electrical resistivity tomography, ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic conductivity or microgravity, we provide you with several times more data for several times less money, than conventional methods of data acquisition such as drilling, excavating, or coring. 

We can provide extensive analysis for environmental and engineering purposes of many environmental and geological aspects such as: 


  • Refraction
  • Reflection
  • MASW
  • HVSR
  • Down-Hole
  • Cross-Hole
  • Borehole Tomography
  • Parallel Seismic
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Passive Seismic Tomography



  •    Vertical Electrical Sounding
  •    Electrical Resistivity Tomography
  •    Induced Polarization
  •    Spontaneous Potential



  • Anomaly mapping
  • Magnetic anisotropy


Ground penetrating radar

  • 2D single-frequency
  •  3D multi-frequency



  •    Gravity


Electromagnetic (EM)

  •    Transient Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM)
  •    Frequency Domain Electromagnetic (FDEM)



  •    Gamma ray spectrometry
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