EVEREST GEOPHYSICS provides geophysical consulting services to a wide variety of clients from a broad range of disciplines. We provide services from the early design stage, data acquisition, quality control, processing, modelling and interpretation of geophysical data and management of geophysical surveys of all sizes. 

Key geophysical capabilities include seismic techniques (refraction, reflection, surface waves, borehole), gravity, electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic. 

Amongst numerous benefits you can expect: 

  • Clear understanding of your requirements.
  • Wide spectrum of services and technologies, delivering the optimal solution from a single contract. 
  • Help to reduce ground risk, saving both schedule and life cycle cost.

Whether you need specific information from a single site, or a complex regional study involving an integrated suite of geophysical and geotechnical techniques, we can help. 

We can provide high resolution imaging and analysis of the subsurface from depths of less than a meter to several kilometers. With a diverse and international client base we are experienced in a broad range of project applications ranging from civil engineering, natural hazards, water and environmental schemes and energy projects. 

Key geophysical capabilities include gravity, electrical, magnetic, electromagnetic and seismic techniques (reflection, refraction, surface wave, borehole, passive arrays).  

  • proven track record: with 20 years of experience our technicians have participated in more than 500 projects in 20 countries delivered within accredited quality, environmental and safety frameworks.
  • expertise and innovation: we have invested in developing the skills and technologies needed to investigate complex subsurface issues in demanding environments. 
  • broad capability: we can deliver fully integrated site investigations including airborne, nearshore and land-based geophysics combined with geospatial, geotechnical and engineering services. 
  • global reach: we have the resources to operate worldwide with the advantage of local expertise and internationally respected experience helping you take the next step: as well as investigating the structure and characteristics of the subsurface, we can translate the results in a meaningful way and support them with forward modelling, expert opinion and specialist advice.
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