Acquisition of Down-Hole data hitting a wooden beam to generate horizontally polarized (S) seismic waves


Collecting Down-Hole data at a construction site to estimate the elastic moduli of the ground


seismic methods


The Seismic Down-Hole method is part (with the Cross-Hole) of the borehole seismic surveys. The main difference between them is the location of the geophones and the seismic source. In the Down-Hole technique the seismic source is on the surface, and a three-component borehole geophone is placed inside the borehole at different depths. At the surface, close to the borehole P- and S-waves are excited hitting a plate, a wooden beam or a steel beam. The geophone is lowered (or raised) at given intervals. As a result, the seismic waves velocities (Vp and Vs) can be obtained.

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