EVEREST GEOPHYSICS provides an integrated, non-intrusive geophysical survey service with emphasis on campaign design, in order that your project benefits from a robust technical approach. Our geophysical surveys deploy a wide range of complementary geophysical sensors to ensure maximum value is derived from the data. We specialize in most aspects of geophysics including shallow techniques targeted to small-scale problems and deeper methods for larger-scale studies. 

In many cases, survey design largely affects the quality of subsurface results provided by geophysical methods. It is therefore very important (and many times, overlookedto design experimental procedures that cost effectively produce those data that maximize the required information. 

Geophysical surveys estimate specific aspects of the earth’s geological structure and composition. Such problems usually reduce to estimating the distribution of petrophysical properties of the subsurface from measured data. To facilitate geological interpretation, numerous standardized data-acquisition procedures have been established, and data processing and inversion algorithms have been developed to extract estimates of the desired subsurface parameters. 

The importance of new processing tools is widely appreciated by our clients and it is the subject of considerable research effort by EVEREST GEOPHYSICS. 

An acceptable survey design should ensure acquisition of those data that best resolve specific subsurface features or parameters of interestThis goal is important because no amount of subsequent data processing or analysis can ever compensate for inadequate or missing data that could have contributed significantly to resolving geological targets. 

Appropriate survey design is therefore critical to justify the cost of the experiment in terms of the robustness, accuracy, and precision of recovered geological information. 

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